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Vance DeLire


Born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, owner Vance DeLire has made it

 his mission to save antiques that would otherwise be lost in the rubble. 

He enjoys a good beer and spending time with his wife Tricia (49), son 

Stephen (24), daughter Megan (21), and furry granddaughter Kitty (6). 

You will mainly catch him at the shop on Saturdays working sales. He 

spends the rest of his week at job sites.

Megan DeLire

Website Developer, Sales Associate

Daughter of owner Vance DeLire, Megan works summers as a Sales 

Associate and throughout the year uploading pictures and designing 

this website. The 21 year old graduated from Wahlert Catholic High 

School in Dubuque, Iowa and currently attends DePaul University in 

Chicago, Illinois, where she is getting her Bachelors in Psychology and 

Health Sciences. In her free time she enjoys knitting, hanging out with 

her friends, and watching YouTube videos.

Bill Prochaska

Sales Associate

Father in law of owner Vance, Bill Prochaska mainly works sales at the 

shop on Fridays. While not at the shop, he enjoys attending auctions 

and spending time with his loving wife, Susan, who you can 

occasionally find working with him on Fridays.